Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tate Modern Museum

I have heard a long time ago that AI weiwei’s huge art piece “sunflower seeds” is exhibiting in the Tate museum. Ai weiwei, a anti-communist, I heard very little about him in China, but when I was in the US, I found a lot about him in some websites that Chinese government has blocked. It was a great opportunity to see his art in London.
The Tate Museum as a whole was mind-blowing. I think it was my first time visiting a modern museum, I felt so entertained walking around the museum, it is totally different than these historical museums, in a good way.
The sunflower seeds were giving a big room for exhibition; they were piled as a taper shape. When people see this pile, most of them were stunned. They just look like real sunflower seeds except bigger. I tried to find out why he wanted to make so many of then. Then I read the background information on the wall, I had to admire his imagination.

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