Tuesday, August 2, 2011

London Trip

Grew up in a big city, I have this weird feeling for big cities. I love them because they always have some fascinating features to discover, but hate them at the same time because they are often too crowded.
I knew very little about London before this trip. London is the capital of the UK, London is where the Big Ben at. So for the second weekend, I decided to go to London.
I was very excited, because London is technically the second capital I have ever been to.
We started to read the London tourists booklet on our way to London. First stop, St. James’ park. This royal park is such a perfect place for picnic. Lots of people came here as a group, just sat on the grass and having lunch under the sun. This idyllic lifestyle is hardly seen in China. People run around the big city, have fast food, and enjoy fast life. But here, you can feel that the breeze is slow.
Then we went to the famous Buckingham Palace, unfortunately, we cannot go inside.
My mother exhorted me repeatedly to see the Westminster Abbey, because that was where the royal wedding happened. The Westminster Abbey is truly a magnificent cathedral. It is surprisingly full of royal members’ gravestones, which I thought is hard to imagine why those people want to leave their bodies here to let people watch.
After the Abbey, we saw the Big Ben, which is really cool.
One day is certainly not enough for London.

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