Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the way back home

I’d better remember today, because I was so happy in the morning, so sad in the afternoon and now I am having a big headache.
Today is the last day of my oxford program. The garden party was a total blast. I loved the food that Brain and Chuck prepared for us, I loved the game we played, I loved the group picture we took. Oh, I miss you guys already. It was an great ending, a happy ending, and we will meet again soon.
So as I went back and pack my stuff, I found my passport alone with my flight information, and apparently I have a different flight than Kevin and Han, and I missed it. I started panic and crying. I asked Kevin and Han to double check it, even though we booked the flight at the same time, I was supposed to be on the earlier flight. It was already hard enough to fly to the UK, now I have to worry if I can go back home.
At the airport, the people from the company told me that if I miss a flight, my ticket is no longer valuable, so I would have to buy a new ticket to Beijing, and that was nearly seven hundred pounds. So, 700 pounds was how much my careless mistake cost me. I had to buy it, and it made me feel like I am a total idiot.
It’s good to finally go back home. I shall remember my last day in the UK. I’ll be back.

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