Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Research on University of Oxford

Since we are going to spend most of our time in university of oxford, which is awesome, I did a little bit research on this world’s greatest university. The history of oxford is long and amazing. It’s the second-oldest university in the whole world and the oldest in the English-speaking country. 
There are over 21,000 students at Oxford, including 11,723 undergraduates and 9,327 postgraduates. We all know that oxford is really good at humanity and literature majors. 53 per cent of undergraduates are studying for degrees in the humanities and social sciences, and 44 per cent in the medical, mathematical, physical and life sciences. From the university website, I got to know a little bit about oxford’s collegiate system. “The collegiate system is at the heart of the University’s success, giving students and academics the benefits of belonging to both a large, internationally renowned institution and to a small, interdisciplinary academic community.”
The main purpose of visiting oxford is to explore his museums and libraries. Oxford has the largest university library system in the UK, with over 100 libraries. The Bodleian Library is the University’s main research library, which I really cannot wait to see and want to compare it with our Suzzallo library. “Its priceless collections include the papers of six British Prime Ministers; a Gutenberg Bible; the earliest surviving book written wholly in English; a quarter of the world’s original copies of the Magna Carta; and almost 10,000 western medieval and renaissance manuscripts.
I am really grateful for this opportunity to live and study in university of oxford, even though I am not officially an oxford student, I would really love to have a oxford student experience and explore this university as much as I can.

Officially got my UK visa!! can't wait to go to oxford

So, today, I finally received my UK visa from New York. Quite a bit exciting! I started packing my stuff since Tuesday, not for going to Oxford, but going home. One week from now, I will be on a plane to my sweet home, three weeks from now, I will be on the plane to Oxford!
In class, we learned a lot about British history, British literature and British culture. Now I am started to think about what my life will be in oxford. Will I be really busy everyday, or travel a lot? Am I going to make some British friends? How am I going to adjust my life from American style, to Chinese style, then to British style?
I looked up the normal weather during June and July in Oxford, it seems the weather is a lot like Seattle summer. You can wear shorts and T-shirts, add a jacket when it gets chilly, be sure to pack your rain jacket! 
I am a big fan of food!! I cannot wait to explore the pubs and restaurants and places we can have tea near Oxford. Speaking of having tea, do I need to dress formally to do that?

Amazing British Royal Wedding.( mean to post it a long time ago, but forgot)

It was three in the morning, I just finished studying for the midterm, tried to go on Youtube and listen to some music before I go to bed, surprisingly, the royal wedding is on! Live! The awesome thing about Youtube is that it has two screens, one camera was shooting the inside place, the other one was shooting the outdoor public. I was amazed so many people came for witness this wedding and all these different kinds of hats, never seen that many people wearing hats( they are beautiful) in my life. This wedding turned this day to a national holiday, everyone got a day off, they even shut down the stock market. I got on Chinese news website, even people in China were vividly talking about this wedding. Well, I guess the whole worldwide it's watching this wedding. That's a lot of pressure on the bride and groom. lol.
I also did a little bit background research on the lucky girl, the future princess, Kate. Kate the prince are in love for about eight years, they met in the University. Most of people may think this is a modern fairy tale and Kate is the lucky girl. Personally, I think Kate is gonna make a great wife.
I didn't watch it till the very end, because I was too tired. But I truly feel grateful for this new married couple, hope their marriage life won't like their parents, hope them can still have fun like a normal couple while being the public face of the royal family of British.