Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot hot wings

I used to be a fan of fast food, but after I came to the US, I discovered the real beauty of Chinese food and all other kinds of food, fast food became my least favorite.
The “hot wing” fever began on the first day I got here. After having a British style sandwich, I suddenly see a KFC at the end of the road. The sandwich did not quiet fit my stomach, so I walked in and surprised to see they have hot wings. Because that not all the KFC restaurants provide hot wings. So I decided to get six and went back home. I did not know their hot wings can be sooo good, they are even better than Chinese KFC hot wings, more juicy and spicy.
Apparently, my month doesn’t like British food so much. Hot wings became my favorite. My record is 15 wings in a day. Then we moved to Ship street, it’s a three minute walk from my room to KFC, I can not be happier. Having too many wings is not a good thing, so when we moved to Herbert Close, I had to say goodbye to KFC.
Hot wings also remind me lots of things happened that related to them. I once had a birthday party at KFC, my mom used to take me to KFC every week when I was a little girl, the first time I had KFC in the US, and my friend and I had a eating hot wing contest last spring. OH, the magic of hot wings.

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