Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Usually when I visit somewhere, I always do research about it before I go, but this time, I dicided to get lost in this beautiful little town Salisbury.
The major goal of this trip is to see the one and only super famous Stonehenge. I didn’t know Stonehenge is located in the UK until I came to Oxford. I guess it’s because it’s hard to imagine such a mysterious attraction will be so famous in such a religious (historical) country, it should be located in Egypt or something.
Anyway, we took a tour bus to get there, after thirty minutes bus ride, there we are! I almost couldn’t believe that is the actually Stonehenge, because it looked much smaller than what I saw from the postcard picture. But it is mysterious enough to attract thousands of tourists to come here. 
After Stonehenge, we got on the bus again and took off at a place where supposed to be a scenic spot. We walked up the hill, hope there is a cathedral to see, instead, we went to this small stud-farm. I have ride a horse before but that was when I was very little. It was a little scary to see horses so closely. But my friends were very brave, they even picked some grass and fed a pretty female horse. I was too scared to touch her, but when we were going to take a picture with her, she just shook her head and looked like she was going to attack me. So I creamed really loud. My friends “unmercifully” laughed at me.
Even though we didn’t really get lost at the city, but it felt great to be so close to the nature.

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