Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shopping and Summer Sale

For day 2, I simply decided to go shopping in London. There is one quote from my ECON 300 text book says, “Whoever said money cannot buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop”, which I found it really interesting. Just like many other girls, I like shopping. According to the tour booklet, the best shopping places in London are Oxford Street and Regent Street. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick the right day to go. All the shops open at 12 in the afternoon and close at 6 on Sunday, which really surprised me, because in China, stores usually open at 9 in the morning and close at 10 in the evening, on weekends, they close even later than 10. I guess it’s the European style.
It is the right time to shop in London, because of the huge summer sale is on. Almost every store marked their price down. I am not a shopping expert or fashion expert, but I only know one thing, shopping makes me happy.
Not so hard to imagine, the Oxford Street full of shopping people. So crowded that for one second I thought I was in Beijing. Summer is my favorite season, because I buy so many cute summer dresses.
I remember the first play we read was “Shopping and F**king”, it reveals two original sins of human beings: greed and lust. But when I shop and pay by my mom’s credit card, I hardly can relate shopping to that play.

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