Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bodleian library and Education Library

Our research topic is about education. We were happy when we realize the university has a specific library for education topics. So we decided to do our research there.
We have all been to Bodleian library, it is huge and historical. It holds nearly nine million books, some collections are from several centuries ago. So we picture this education library in our heads, it should just like the main library. But we were wrong.
First of all, when we ask any of the local people or oxford students, none of them knew where education library is, it is not even on the map of Oxford. So we had to use web map to direct us, and it appeared to be a twenty minutes walk from city centre to there. The library was not like the Bodleian at all, but it is surprisingly quiet, I guess that is because people hardly know this place. When we walked in, I was amazed by the inside design of this library, so old school style but nice. It is a even better place to study than the Bodleian library.
To find a book, I had to climb the staircase to look for it. When I finally find a book from the bookshelf, I felt so happy.

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