Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Practice cooking

Ever since we moved to Herbert Close, our flat started to buy groceries and cook meals by ourselves. I ain’t no expert of cooking. I know only some basic stuff, but I thought is was a good way to practice cooking since I will be live off-campus next quarter.
Buying groceries was really fun. Usually when I go to supermarket, I will first go to the snack section and search my favorite crackers and chips, but this time, my major task was to buy some  raw cooking material, like eggs and meat.
What is the easiest dish of all meal? From my perspective, noodles! It is easy as long as you know how to boil water, then you add whatever you want and noodle in the water, there you go, a bowl of noodle is done. So for the last two weeks, I had a lot of noodles as my dinner, it wasn’t so bad.
I also cooked some real Chinese dishes twice, which were not as good as my noodles. Ha ha.
Cooking is fun, cooking while having a lot of homework to do, not so much.

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